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"Let us give thanks to the creator for all that he gives.  The harvest moon has shined its brilliance over our home and now as we store the harvest of our work the creator gives his sustanance.  The Earth will now rest through the coming seasons storing the energy needed to once again feed our people". 
Michael "Tender Heart" Markley

Chief George "Silverwolf" Jennings

Welcome to our fall 2012 edition of tribal news.  The following news and information is meant to keep you informed and hopefully encourage you to participate in upcoming meetings and events.  I look forward to spending time with you and your family this coming year.  "Aho"

Tribal Elections

Tribal elections were held during the  tribal citizens and two alternates were asked to serve on the executive council.  This year  new citizens were added to the elders council or Traditional leadership.  Although a special constitutional vote was scheduled for the January Monthly Meeting.  The constitutional vote to held in January will ask that the position of Ambassador be elevated to a constitutional post in the traditional council and fall under the leadership of the Chief.

Citizens Shiela Pacheco, Justin Markley, Charles Smith, Three Bears, and Richard Grace were asked to fill the open positions.  Jim Rawlings, Ron Hilton, and Sharon Perry were asked to stand in as alternates when needed. The new executive council will assemble in early January to organise and elect officers.

In Your Words

A message from Tribal Ambassador Don "Lone Wolf" Washington

How do we fit in with other Native American People? 

I visit other Native American functions and I tell them I am of The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.  I question the look of disrespect that I have recieved.

The Answer I get is the Seaconke tribed, formed in 1995, is trying to capitalize on the notoriety of Wampanoag people.  (Wannabee's)

I have heard people say"I grew up Black, Portugeese, French, Italian, Cape Verdean, Irish, etc."  "I don't know how to be Indian."

We are a mixture of races and have lived our lives as the other assimilated race.  The invasion of America by the Europeans has kept the native Americans from being who they are.  It wasn't safe to say you were native american while the families of European descent were being killed by native Americans in the west.  It wasn't respectable to say you were of African descent when that race was held in Low esteem because of slavery.  We assimilated into an accepted race rather than be crucified for what we were.  We come together as a family as a tribe to further the betterment of our native American blood.  It is not enough to say I belong to a tribe and sometimes make a meeting.  It is not enough to say I go to a Powwow once a year.  We don't have to prove we are of native American descent.  That has been done through our genealogy.  We have to be accepted by the native American communittees that carried the legacy of the Wampanoag since the invasion from Europe.  This can be accomplished by attending every native American function and make it well known that you are willing to learn the culture, the language, and about the people who have practiced and carried the legacy for hundreds of years.

Sorely needed and strongly urged is Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal People, "Individually or as groups" to participate in spreading our existence in the native American Community.  It is possible to set up a fund to pay for transportation, costs of the event, and or donations/food donations for pot lucks.  Please, get your family together and get involved.

Don "Lone Wolf" Washington


Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe

The words, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the

In Your Words

series are strictly those of the acredited author and not nessecarily those of this website or the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.

Seaconke Wampanoag Constitution - Preamble


What was once is now, and shall forever be The Seaconke Wampanoag, do hereby declare in unanimous declaration, our free standing as a tribe in the Wampanoag Federation.

     We The people seek to serve our interests and posterity as a tribe with freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

     As one people, we believe in respect for human dignity and nature.  That what was ordained by the creator, will and forever shall be.

     This constitution is our written bond that from this day forward, these words will be a living testament to our strength as a people


Our Mission and Values

     The mission of the "Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe" is to rediscover and develop our native heritage.  To take this wherever this may lead for the betterment of ourselves and our descendants.

     We are determined to follow our heart in this quest to seek out our past, reaffirm our present, and develop our future for the greater good of all.  Our search for the truth will be unyelding.

     We hold our ancestors close to our heart and the future of our children in our hands.  We are determined to make whole our native heritage and to bring alive that culture that was once cut off from us.

     We will equivocally use right and just practices in our search for the truth.  We will always be above board and open with our constituency.  We are determined to make clear all that is asked of us.

     We consider our constituency to be: our citizens, members, community, allies, friends, and associates.  We will seek to do work that benefits all.  We will be honest in all things and in all ways.

Meeting Notes:

Tribal Monthly Meeting

Thursday January 17, 2008

Opening Prayer - Ed Lincoln

Native Word - Pat

War Chief Remarks - Ed Lincoln

          1)We need to change Tribal Monthly Meeting date to accomodate others.

Department Reports

Organizational - Ed Lincoln

          1)Powwow Committee to handle all food services for Powwow 2008

          2)We will need to purchase new equipment.

Culture - Pat Reis

          1)Nacomo will be scheduled for early December this year.

          2)Fur Trader will be down from Maine in April>

                 a)regalia classes will be scheduled in May.

Elders - Edith Baptista

         1)A record book of citizenship has been created.

Old Business

Town Hall - Mike

          1)Awaiting written response from the Town of Seekonk.

New Business

Newly elected council members - Pat Ries

Change week of the month Tribal Monthly Meeting is held.



- Motion passed

Open Disscussion

  - Tribal citizens/members

Closing Prayer - Beverly Lincoln

Upcoming Events and Meetings!!!

Tribal Council Meeting

Saturday February 16, 2007 11am

92 Chestnut St. Seekonk, Ma.

Monthly Meeting

Thursday February 28, 2008

Thursday March 27, 2008

Thursday April 24, 2008

"Old" Seekonk Town Hall

Taunton Ave.

Seekonk, Ma. 02771

Tribal Council 2008

Traditional Leaders

Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings

War Chief Edward "Foxhook" Lincoln

Clan Mother Lois "Short Oak" Chaffee

Spiritual Leader Roger LIncoln

Ambassador Donald "Lone Wolf" Washington

Medicine Man open

Elders Council

Foreperson Edith "Blueswallow" Baptista

Elder Winniford "Moto" Elderkin

Elder Cathy Pina

Elder Edna Rawlings

Elder Norma Markley

Elder Betty Lemieux

Elder Mary Waldron

Executive Council

Chairperson Pat "Gentle Rain" Ries

Director Richard Grace

Director James Rawlings

Director Sheila Pacheco

Director Justin Markley

Director Donald "3 Bears" Fisher

Director Daniel Elderkin


Curtis Pona - January 3, 2008.  Husband of citizen Leslie Rawlings Curtis Pona.

Daniel "Wounded Pony" King - January 10, 2008. 

Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe

412 Taunton Ave.

Seekonk, Ma. 02771

1 (508) 336-842

News, Information, and Announcements

Do you have tribal news, information, or announcements you would like to see in an upcoming Newsletter or on ? If so please e-mail , use the contacts page,mail or drop off your information at the tribal office. In a timely fashion your info will be edited and posted to this website. 

We need You!

This upcoming year brings new thoughts, Ideas, hopes, and opputunities.  Below are listed 3 new ventures that have been presented to the tribal council that with your help will be developed, and bare fruit this year.

Food Services

- The purpose of this oppurtunity is to develop tribal independence in presenting food services at powwows, socials, and other tribal events.  Contact the tribal office or the tribal coordinator to offer your help. Tribal cordinator is War Chief Edward Lincoln.

Wiffle Ball Tournament

  - The purpose of this proposed function is to raise funds to help further develop tribal oppurtunities.  If you would like to participate in, or help develop this function please call the tribal office or contact citizen Derek Jennings.

Corporate Development

- This ongoing campaign will continue this year with the added help of you.  Please contact the tribal office or director James Rawlings to become a part of this growing program.


It takes very little of your time but means so much to so many.  Why not take a minute and help along the process of attaining our tribal goals.  How can I help?  By choosing a committee, department, or event to work on.  Remember a little bit from a lot of people goes much farther, last so much longer, and has more meaning than a lot of effort from a few. 

Be apart of something "Great" and do it your way!  How do I start?  There are multiple ways to get started;

  1. Attend a monthly meeting

  2. Call the office 1 (508) 336-8426 and simply ask "What can I do to Help".

  3. Review the website for news, meeting dates, and info.

    Then Attend, everyone is welcome.

  4. Call the 24hr line, e-mail

  5. Talk to a tribal leader

The best way to get started though is to Just do it!!!

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