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Wampanoag Nation
News and Information
Executive Council
Annual Executive council elections will be held Thursday January 22, 2009 at the "Old Town Hall".  Voting will begin at 5pm, tribal meeting will start at 6:30pm.  Votes will be tabulated at 8pm.  There are 2 Executive council positions open.  Nominations may be called into the Tribal office 1 (508) 336-7185 Mon-Fri 8-5pm or 1 (401) 632-4143.  
Nikkomo will be Saturday December 13, 2008 5-9pm at the Newman YMCA on route 44 Seekonk Ma.  Please bring a gift of between $5-10.00 and a hot dish. 

Genographic Project

Special Meeting - Tuesday September 16, 2008
A special Meeting of the citizens who have participated in the Genographic Project will be held Tuesday September 16, 2008 6:30 pm at the Old Seekonk Town Hall.  Dr Schurr and team will be there to review and answer question of the projects participents.  If you have not recieved your most recent personal information please contact Michael Markley .
There will be no testing of new citizens or members at this meeting.  If you feel you would like to be tested in the future please forward your request and tribal genealogy to the tribal genealogy department before or at the Annual tribal meeting.
Tribal Council Meeting
Tribal Council Meeting - Thursday 9/25 6:30pm
Monthly Tribal Meeting - Canceled
Annual Meeting - Wednesday 1 October 3008 6:30pm
The 12th Annual Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe
The 12th Annual Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal Powwow will take place at the "Redway Plain" on route 44 in Rehoboth this labor day weekend.
Tribal activities begin at 12 noon on Friday August 29 and continue until 12 noon on Monday September 01, 2008.  The Annual Powwow will be open to the public between the hours of 10-5pm Saturday August 30 and 10-5pm Sunday August 31, 2008.  An entrance donation of $3 will be asked of all who are not tribal workers or native dancers in regalia.  Children under 16 are free. Camping and vendor spots are available. 
Native food - Native Dancing - Story telling - Childrens activities
All are welcome:)
For more information call Gentle Rain 1 (401) 632-4143 or Foxhook 1 (401) 723-1563 
Trible Naming Ceremony
Honoring - Metacomet "King Phillip"
The Seaconke Wampanoag Annual Tribal naming ceremony, this year will honor Metacomet "King Phillip". Metacomet son of Massasoit fought to keep the unity and integrity of the Wampanoag people. "King Phillip" lead the warriors of the Wampanoag people into battle against the imperial colonial forces of England 100 year prior to the American revolution. 
"King Phillip" sought to maintian the life, liberty, and property of the Wampanoag people.  He desired that his people and the Wampanoag cultural should not be wiped from the face of the Earth. But that the Wampanoag should have their rightful place to thrive, be respected, and grow in the community of their forfathers. They fought so as to not go quitely into the night, so that Wampanoag heart, spirit,culture, and history would leave an everlasting imprint on this community and on the forth coming lives of their decedents.
Only tribal citizens who sought out Elder "3 Bears" prior to August 01, 2008 will be named in ceromony this year. This years naming ceremony will take place at sunrise on Sunday August 31, 2008 at the 12th Annual Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal Powwow.
3 Bears may be contacted through the tribal office. Tribal office contact information can be found on the contact page of this website. 
Genographic Project
Special Meeting - Tuesday September 16, 2008
A special Meeting of the citizens who have participated in the Genographic Project will be held Tuesday September 16, 2008 6:30 pm at the Old Seekonk Town Hall.  Dr Schurr and team will be there to review and answer question of the projects participents.  If you have not recieved your most recent personal information please contact Michael Markley .
There will be no testing of new citizens or mebers at this meeting.  If you feel you would like to be tested in the future please forward your request and tribal genealogy to the tribal genealogy department before or at the Annual tribal meeting.
"Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament
11th Annual
The 11th Annual "Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament will take place Friday July 25, 2008.  Your support and efforts are needed.  Please contact the Golf committee, or trible office to over your support to this vital fund raiser. 
Foursome Applicartions, raffle tickets, tee sponsorship forms can be picked up at the trible office, Mon-Fri 8-5pm.
Trible Names
All tribal citizens seeking to be named at this years naming ceremony must notify "3 Bears" by August 01, 2008.  This years naming ceremony will take place at sunrise on Sunday August 31, 2008 at the 12th Annual Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal Powwow.
3 Bears may be contacted through the tribal office or by attending the July 24, 2008 Monthly Meeting. Tribal office contact information can be found on the contact page of this website. 
Strawberry Moon Gathering
The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribewill be gathering for it's annual Strawberry Moon celebration on Saturday June 14, 2008.  The tribe will gather at the Hunts Mills from 12-5pm.  Hunts Mills is located on Route 114 (Pleasent St.) in East Providence, R.I.
Please bring a dish as the gathering will be pot luck.  If you would like to volunteer to bake biscuits or shortbread please call Patricia Gentle Rain (401) 632-4143, Pam Turtle Dove (401) 723-1563, or Jennifer Rawlings (203) 215-1521.
Please Bring a lawn Chair. There will be no seating other than what you Bring. Strawberry picking for this year has been cancelled.
Memorial Day Parade & Pig Roast
Saturday May 24th
Tribal citizens and members are called to gather at the Seekonk High School on Arcade Ave Rt 114A in Seekonk, Ma. at 8am. to  participate in the Annual Memorial Day Parade. All food service workers should report to the Seekonk Middle School on Newman Ave Rt152 (next to the graveyard) at 8am.
Citizens and members marching in the parade please wear regalia.  Food service workers please wear comfortable clothes and Tribal T-shirts.
Pig Roast, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers will sold at the conclusion of the parade at aproximately 11:30am
Strawberry Moon Gathering
The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribewill be gathering for it's annual Strawberry Moon celebration on Saturday June 14, 2008.  The tribe will gather at the Hunts Mills from 12-5pm.  Hunts Mills is located on Route 114 (Pleasent St.) in East Providence, R.I.
Please bring a dish as the gathering will be pot luck.  If you would like to volunteer to bake biscuits or shortbread please call Patricia Gentle Rain (401) 632-4143, Pam Turtle Dove (401) 723-1563, or Jennifer Rawlings (203) 215-1521.
Please Bring a lawn Chair. There will be no seating other than what you Bring. Strawberry picking for this year has been cancelled.
Rhode Island Indian Council
Adult Training Scholarships
The Rhode Island Indian Council is offering WIA approved adult training scholarships.  That lead to full time employment to qualified Native Americans in the following areas:
  • Construction
  • Culinary Arts
  • CDL B License Driver
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • and many more!!!

Seats are limited to the first 50 candidates.  Please call between 9-5pm for appointment.  Contact Camille Vella-Wilkinson at 1 (401) 781-1098 ext. 23

Jessie "Little Doe" Baird
To speak at Haffenreffer Museum
Jessie "Little Doe" Baird will be speaking next week at the Haffenreffer Museum of Athropolgy. 
Date:Wednesday February 13, 2008
Place:Manning Hall, Main Green, Brown University
"Little Doe" is a co-founder of the Wanpanaak Language Reclamation Project.  Ms. Baird holds a Master of Science degree in Linguistics from MIT.  More information about "Little Doe" and her talk can be found at the following link.  click "Whats New" and then Click "Calendar". 
Tribal Elections
Tribal elections were held during the December Monthly Meeting.  Five tribal citizens and two alternates were asked to serve on the executive council.  This year no new citizens were added to the elders council or Traditional leadership.  Although a special constitutional vote was scheduled for the January Monthly Meeting.  The constitutional vote to held in January will ask that the position of Ambassador be elevated to a constitutional post in the traditional council and fall under the leadership of the Chief.
Citizens Shiela Pacheco, Justin Markley, Charles Smith, Three Bears, and Richard Grace were asked to fill the open positions.  Jim Rawlings, Ron Hilton, and Sharon Perry were asked to stand in as alternates when needed. The new executive council will assemble in early January to organise and elect officers.
News, Information, and Announcements
Do you have tribal news, information, or announcements you would like to see on ? If so please e-mail , use the contacts page,mail or drop off your information at the tribal office. In a timely fashion your info will be edited and posted to this website.  
The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe will celebrated Nacomo together Sunday December 23, 2007, at the American Legion Post 311 on Fall River Ave in Seekonk, Ma.  All citizens and members were invited to attend. This annual pot luck social was highly attended.  Gifts and thanksgiving were shared by all. The tribe would like to thank all those who helped decorate. 
Genographic Project
Dr. Schurr of the Genographic Project has been in touch with the genealogy committee and has sent notice that in the coming months tribal citizens will be able to gain further info and insight into their personal genetic history.  All citizens/members who were tested can view this new info by logging on with their personal code into the Genographic Website in the near future. 
This new information will be the results from analysys of the Y- chromosome.  The Y - Chromosome will reveal information specific to the patrernal genetic history of the tribal citizens/members tested.  Early next year the genealogy committee will ask the chairperson for time to hold a genearal informational meeting to help tribal citizens/members with the understanding of this new information.
A link to the genographic website is provided on the links page on this website.
Powwow: 11th Annual
"This Powwow Needs YOU!"
There is no Powwow without You. The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal Powwow is all about you.  A powwow is only as good as the giving, sharing, and efforts of the people it represents.  What have you done to help make a successful Powwow this year?
The 11th Annual Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal Powwow begins at noon Friday August 31, 2007 and continues until noon Monday September 03, 2007. All citizens and members are expected to help.  If you do not as of yet have a task to help make this years powwow a success please call the Tribal office between 8 - 5pm Monday thru Friday, ((508) 336-8426) or for immediate response call the tribal 24hr line at ((401) 727-0895). The Powwow committee needs you NOW!
"You Make the Powwow"
Commentary: by Michael Markley
A Powwow is a gathering of like minded people who are bound by a common culture and spirit. An intertribal Powwow is very often a meeting place that brings people together in an exchange of brotherly love and comradery.  It is incumbant upon the host tribe to build a venue and spirit that is comforting, freindly, compassionate, and open to the complexity of additudes and the diversity of other tribes and its guests.
Powwow guests are defined as; The general public, other tribes, vendors, and invited dignitaries.  You are never a guest at your tribes own powwow.  We as a tribe are a family.  When we invite people and other tribes to our powwow we are inviting them into our tribal home. All citizens and members are hosts and should be expected to be gracious and helpful.  We must be there to support the work and efforts of the Powwow committee and the tribal leadership. How we treat our guests is a true reflection of who you are and therefore who the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe is. A tribe is only as good as the weakest of spirits of its citizens. 
All tribal citizens and members are expected to help in building a Powwow that reflects the good hearts, minds, and nature of its people.  In every way a tribal powwow is a reflection of you as a person and your tribe as an organization.  There is no job to small or task to difficult to overcome if we all work together.
The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe Annual Powwow traditionally begins at or around 12pm on the Friday before the Labor Day and lasts until 12pm on labor day.  During this 3 day time period there are many special events that go on, set-up, pot luck dinner, trading blankets, evening talks around the tribal fire, sunrise naming ceremony, clean up, and of course the public expression of our ancestral rite of passage in the tribal circle.  All of this and the many more things that take place are carried on the backs of the Powwow committee.  The powwow committee is austensibly made up of every person in the tribe but is guided by the efforts of the organizational, and cultural committees working with the tribal leadership.
It is the long held impression of myself Michael "Tender Heart" Markley (and not nessecarily the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe or this website)  that every healthy citizen/member within the tribal territory or citizen/member who happens to come to the Powwow who is between the age of 21 and 61 should have a task to do. A written note from a doctor or a reason acceptable by the elders should be the only reasonable excuse not to help.  I also believe except for the members of the cultural committee, tribal dance leaders, and tribal leadership tribal dancing is not an acceptable expression of tribal work.  The tribal circle is meant for all citizens and every citizen should dance as much as possible especially during opening and closing ceremonies.
I believe that it is a privilege to be a citizen of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe and not a right.  I believe that if you are a citizen and you are not being a help to the tribe when the tribe needs help then you are a hurt to the Tribe.
I also believe that those who recieve the good will of the tribe whether it be, in kindness, financial, or otherwise should be the first inline to help at any tribal event. I believe every tribal citizen/member should have the opportunity to enjoy, and dance during the powwow.  It is ashame that more people of the tribe do not share the work, or even come to the powwow. It is especially grievace that some come to the Powwow to enjoy but not bare the burden.  A tribe must be strong, and strength is in numbers, the more who help the stronger we will be. The stronger the tribe the bigger and better oppurtunities we will have in succeeding in our mission "...to bring alive that culture that was once cut off from us".
The 10th Annual "Praying
Eagle" Golf Tournament
Friday July 27,2007 the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe hosted its 10th Annual "Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament.  The tournament took place at the Swansea Country Club.  The Tribal golf commitee would like to thank all the tribal citizens and members who came out to help. 
Tribal citizens and members reported to the Swansea country club for 7:30am. The golf tournament was a shotgun start scramble format.  A maximum amount of golfers filled the course making the day a success.  Many efforts were made to add new and interesting aspects to the annual tournament.  The Swansea Country Club provided an upscale enviorment for the 10th Anniversary of the "Praying Eagle" Golf Tuarnament.
Anyone wishing to join the golf committee in organizing next years tournament please contact the tribal office at 1 (508) 336-8426. 
Town of Seekonk Citizens
Say "Yes"
The citizens of the Town of Seekonk voted to aprove of the Board of Selectman and the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe working out an agreement to lease the Old Seekonk Town Hall to the tribe.  Citizen markley who is part of the negotiating team said "this is a positive beginning to the tribe aquiring use of the Town Hall as a  long term home for tribal operations and community based out reach programs".
"The negotiating committee wil begin work immediately to conclude a deal that will be a win for the tribe and the town of Seekonk" continued citizen Markley.  The negotiating committee will report back to the Tribal Council at the July monthly meeting. 
Seekonk Town Meeting
When:Monday May 21, 2007
Where:Seekonk High School Auditorium
             Arcade Ave Seekonk, Ma.
Why:Article #6 to allow the town to negotiate a contract with the      Seaconke Wamoanoag Tribe for the lease of the Old Town Hall.
All citizens and members are called to this public meeting.  All registered voters from the Town of Seekonk please sit in the center of room.  All non-residents or registered voters please sit in the apropriate designated side.
Glenda Jennings Noka
Founding Citizen
Glenda Jennings Noka - a founding citizen of this generation of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe was called home to the creator on March 02, 2007.  Surrounded by her loving family Glenda peacefully crossed over to begin her next great journey. 
Glenda was born in Providence, R.I. on March 06,1937 to the late George and Agnes (Erickson) Jennings.  She was the sister to Loretta Jennings, Agnes Jennings, Dennis Jennings, and Chief George Silver Wolf Jennings. 
Growing up in Seekonk, Ma. she was visited at the Jennings family tribal homestead on Chestnut Street, in youth and through life by her great freind Everett Tall Oak Wheadon.  She was an avid 10 pin bowler First family member to be born off Chestnut St. and in a hospital.  A tribal enthusiest and a proud life long citizen she grew up and experienced the council of the elders of the generation past. 
Glenda was the runner up class queen of East Providence, R.I. in 1955 and shortly after married her life love Ronald H. Noka.  Glenda and Ronald were married for over 50 years.  They made their home in Wood River Junction, R.I.  She is survived by her husband Ronald Sr. and sons Ronald Jr, daughter Dawn and 5 grandchildren.
Glenda Jennings Noka was the proud mother to Randy Noka first councilman of the Narragansett Tribe and Sister to Chief George Silver Wolf Jennings of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe. 
Chief Jennings and the Noka family would like to thank those who visited Glenda during her ilness and those who donated to the Home and Hospice care of R.I. in her memory.
     MtDNA testing results from August 2005 are now online at or use theGenographic Project link on our links page.  Using the code given to you at the August 2005 meeting, again in September 2005 and is located on the front of the results report and envelope presented to you in the past year.  You can log in to your personal results.
     The results from last summer are one half of the results expected.  The results from Y-chromosome testing are still pending.  You can expect further results in the near future. Stay in contact with the website and Monthly Tribal Meetings.
In Your Words:
Jennifer R.E. Rawlings
28 July 2006
     Our community is growing stronger and larger everyday.  At every tribal meeting and social gathering I meet faces who introduce themselves to me as part of our clan.  We are making efforts to branch out by investing in new alliances with other tribes as well as investing in new developments which will help us grow both financially and culturally.  We are astrong peoplewho cherish traditional practices while always looking towards the future.  We know who we are as a people and where we fit into the world.  Gaining State and Federal recognition would not and could not confirm to us who we are it would only bring us to light to the U.S. government because we have always had a home in indian country.  The main concern of our tribe should not be to gain approval from the government but to focus on the youth in our tribe and their involvement in cultural affairs.  (continued on Mike's Journal page )
Phil Travis
Tribal Freind
     A tribal delegation lead by Chief George "Solver Wolf" Jennings went to the retirement party for Tribal Friend Phil Travis State Represenitive for the 4th Bristol District in the House of Represenitives for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
     A large crowd heard War Chief Edward "Foxhook" Lincoln give the invocation, Chief Jennings spoke of his first meeting Phil, Chairperson Markley read the resolution past by the tribe at the November Tribal Meeting.  The event was also attended by Elders Foreperson Edith "Blue Swallow" Baptista, and Roger Desrocia of the Dighton Council and their spouses.
      Represenitive Travis has been involved in helping the Native community across southern New England for decades.  Whether helping preserve the Council Oak, teaching his college course in Native studies, attending native events, or personally searching for the "Holy Grail" of the Wampanoag, the Wampum Belts.  He has supported the native community and embraced their issues.  "We native or not are all better for his service" expressed chairperson Markley.
     Phil Travis has had an effect on bettering the quality of life of the decendants of indigenous peoples.  He has served the population of his district with "honor and integrity".  He can retire with heartfelt satisfaction in a carreer "well done".
Monthly Meeting #125  Wednesday January 10, 2007
Opening Prayer
  • 3 Bears

Chairpersons Remarks

  • Patricia "Gentle Rain" Baptista Reis

Officer Reports

Open Discussion

Closing Prayer

  • 3 Bears
November Monthly Meeting:
Agenda  - Minutes (unofficial)
Opening Prayer - 3Bears
Prime Directives
  1. Development Committee  - Ed Lincoln
  2. Education Classes - Mike Markley

Chiefs Remarks - George "Silver Wolf" Jennings

  • Working with the development committee to get into Town Hall sooner rather than later.
  • Encourage everyone to do thier best to get others involved.

Officer Reports

  • Secretary  - Last Minutes as read - Pat Baptista Ries
  • Treasurer  - Bottom Line (absent)


  • Culture - No report
  • Organizational - No Report
  • History/Geneology - Ed "Badger" Hooks and Cynthia Meeks would like to join department.  Mike encourages future chairperson to concider changing department head in '07


  • Health - No Report
  • Tribal Cards - Debbie Moorhead, will begin producing Tribal Cards for the Chief to sign.  The first batch should be ready by January '07 Monthly Meeting.  Pictures - If you have a prefered picture it may be e-mailed to Deb, and pictures will be taken at the December Monthly Meeting.
  • Constitution - No Report

Old Business

  • War Chief - Edward "FoxHook" Lincoln

Edward "FoxHook" Lincoln was appointed by unanimous acclamation of the people, to the position of War Chief of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.



New Business

  • Tribal Council 2007: Organization - Results:   Chairperson Patricia Baptista Reis, 1st Councilperson Debra Moorehead, Secretary Cynthia Meeks, Treasurer James Rawlings              

Circle Disscusion - Lincoln family grave site.

Closing Prayer - Ed Lincoln

The Historic Council Oak Needs Your Help!!!
SWT "Annual Meeting"  -  1 October 2006
Seekonk American Legion Post 311 Sunday 1-5pm
     The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe held its Annual Meeting Sunday 1 October 2006.  The event will took place at the Seekonk American Legion Post 311 from 1-5pm.  The meeting was well attened by the citizens and members.
     Dr. Herbert Waters Commissioner on Indian Affairs for Bristol County Massachusetts and Freind of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe spoke about being active in the native community.  He stressed having a vision of the future to follow, and having a strong leadership. 
      Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings delivered his annual State of the Tribe address.  In which he talked about the need for a revival.  He spoke of the need for everyone to help, all for one and one for all. That we can't continue to depend on a lot from a few, but that we should get more from everyone.
      Chairperson Michael Markley spoke about the "This Generation" he described the events that led up to the founding of "This Generation" and how the tribe has changed.  He spoke of the process that took place in writing the Constitution, Goals, Mission and Value Statement and The Posterity Statement.
      Readings of the Mission and Values, The Preamble to the Constitution, and the Posterity statements took place.  As well as the reading of the Tribal Roll. 
     No new business or old business was conducted.  But the debate over War Chief was tabled to November. 

Tribal Cards

     The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe will NOT issue new Tribal cards at the October 1 Annual Meeting.  All previous tribal cards will continue to be honored until such time as new tribal cards are issued.  Tribal Cards will only be issued to citizens on the Active Citizens List.

Tribal Village

     The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe announced at the August Monthly Meeting that it will begin the process of developing the first stages of a plan to build a native village circa 1600.

Project historical development advisor Richard Grace is seeking help in aquiring materials needed.  The development committee will review a Grant from the National Geographic Society.  Chairperson Markley feels this is "challenging project, but one worthwhile". 

"Old Seekonk Town Hall"

     The Town of Seekonk, the Seekonk Historical Commission, and the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe have agreed that the future use of the "Old Town Hall" should be one that supports the historical and cultural integrity of the history of the structure. 

     "The preservation of the the building and it's future use as the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal Hall is a project that can be a win win for the citizens of the Town of Seekonk and the citizens and members of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe" expressed Tribal Chairperson Markley.


10th Annual Meeting

Sunday 1 October 2006 1-5pm
Seekonk American Legion Post 311
Fall River Ave
Seekonk, Ma.
Elections 1-4pm

Executive Board                            INC

  • Daniel Elderkin                    Sharon Perry
  • Edward Elderkin                  Leona Ross
  • Patricia Baptista Reis
Opening Prayer
  • Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe - Mission and Values Statement
  • Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe - Posterity Statement
  • Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe - Constitution Preamble

"This Generation of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe"

  • Michael Markley

Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe  - reading of the Tribal Roll

Special Guest Speaker - Dr. Herbert Waters

  • Being active participents in the Native community


State of the Tribe -  Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings

  • Time to get those who do not  participate to getting involved
  • Helping out
  • All for one and one for all

Prime Directives

  • Meeting House - Edward Lincoln Development Committee
  • Education - Michael Markley Education Department

Officer Reports

  • Secretary - Pat Baptista Reis
  • Treasurer - Don Washington

Elders Report

  • Elders Nominees - Edith Baptista

                1.)Betty Lemieux

                2.)Cathy Pina

Department and Committee Reports

  • Health Committee - Edith Baptista
  • Organizational - Edward Lincoln
  • Cultural - Pat Baptista Reis
  • History/Genealogy - Michael Markley
  • Communications - Michael Markley

Old Business

  • War Chief  - tabled to November

New Business

  • No new business introduced


  • Next Meeting - Wednesday November 08, 2006 6:30pm
  • Tribal Council Meeting - Wednesday October 25, 2006 6:30pm  Alperts Community Room

Closing Prayer                                                                               

September Monthly Meeting
Wednesday September 13, 2006 6:30 pm
Opening Prayer
  • 3 Bears
Chief George "SilverWolf" Jennings
  • Unfortunately the Chief was in surgery as we met.  Prayers were offered on his behalf.
War Chief - Subject has been tabled from the June Monthly Meeting
  • Tabled until the Annual Meeting.  15 - minutes are to be set aside.
  • Mike Markley announced that he would not be a candidate for the position of Chairperson should he be so elected for another term on the Tribal Council.
Prime Directives
  • Meeting House - Development Committee
  • Education - Mike Markley

Officer Reports

Department/ Committee Reports

Old Business

  • Annual Meeting
  • Tribal Cards

New Business

  • no new business was offered

Closing Prayer

  • Ed Lincoln

- On the Air 24/7/365

September Monthly Meeting
Wednesday September 13, 2006 6:30pm
Thank You, to everyone who turned in their census on time.  A census may be downloaded at www.seaconkewampanoagtribe.com .
Opening Prayer
  • 3 Bears
Prime Directives
  • History Class Wednesday September 27, 2006
Chief Jennings
  • Does not feel racism should be interjected into War Chief Parlay
  • Citizens could have done a better job helping out with the golf tournament
  • Thanked Mike for following through with work assignments
Officer Reports
  • Financial report - Don Washington
Department/Committee Reports
  • Organizational Department - will finish storage facility in September
  • Health Committee - given permission to procure bloodpressure cuffs
Old Business
1) 10th Annual Powwow - Powwow Committee
  • Drum funds secured
  • Helper list
  • odds/ends finalized
New Business
1) Nominations for Tribal Council 2007
Traditional Leaders:  To be determined
Elders Council: Asked for 2 more(nominees will be accepted through the September Monthly Meeting)
  • Catherine Hilton Pina and Betty Lemiuex

Executive Council: 3 openings, Nominees (nominees will be accepted through the September Monthly Meeting)

  • Ron Hilton
  • Edward Lincoln
  • Michael Markley
  • Daniel Elderkin
  • Patricia Baptista Reis
  • Sheila Pacheco
  • Don Washington
2) Old Seekonk Town Hall
  • Chairperson Markley explained how the Tribe is working with the Seekonk Historical Commission, and the Town of Seekonk in developing a plan that is a win for the tribe and the Town.
  • Sub-Committee Chairperson James Rawlings discussed the grant in the works, and other potential funding in the works.
  • A tour of the "old Town Hall" is scheduled for the Tibal Council and Sub-committee is scheduled soon.
Closing Prayer
  • Ed "FoxHook" Lincoln
"It's here and on the Air:Turn on and tune in to a computer terminal near you.


Breaking News...
Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings and Chairperson Michael "Tender Heart" Markley - Appeared before the Board of Selectman on Wednesday August 16, 2006 and presented a plan for the Tribe and the Town through the advocacy of the Seekonk Historical Commission to partner up in the preserving and restoring of the "Old Seekonk Town Hall".  The presentation was thoughtfully and positively accepted.  The Town and Tribal leadership have agreed to move forward in further disscusions.   For more news and information tune into .
is Here!!!
V2 is now online tune in and browse the new website of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.  V2 is designed to be interactive giving the user the ability to voice their opinion.  by the use of polls, comment section and forums the leadership of the tribe can here what you think.  Also at V2 you can now download forms.  The 1st Census of the Seaconke Wampanoag tribe is currently posted and ready to be downloaded.  Rememeber to return the census to the Tribal office before 5pm Sunday September 03, 2006.  The future is here join in and be a part of the interaction.  Let your voice be heard on the new cyber home of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.
The 9th Annual "Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament
Needs your help!
The "Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament is the largest annual fund raiser held each year on behalf of the tribe.  Citizen Daniel Elderkin and Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings are the annual co-ordinators and have done an outstanding job in raising almost $100,000.00 over the past 9 years.
The proceeds from the Tournament go to benfit the historical, cultural, and humanitarian needs of the Seaconk Wampanoag Tribe.  You the citizen/member are the subject of the annual tournament on your behalf this tournament is held each year.
This year lets make this tournament outstanding by You getting involved.  If each adult citizen (not even including members) sold 10 books of tickets we would by far and away have our best year ever.  It is your input that makes everything we do better.
How can you help?  That's the easy part, we have something for everyone.  The helping process begins by you making the effort to attend a Monthly Meeting, reading the quarterly newsletter, calling the office and asking "what can I do to help", speaking to a tribal leader, going to , or simply showing up at an event to work.
There are so many ways to help, 1.) sell or buy raffle tickets tickets, 2.) come to the tournament to work, 3.)sell Tee sponsorships, 4.) ask the people you buy off of to help, by donating a gift card or certificate, 5.) encourage people you know to support the event by participateing, 6.) encourage people you know to make a donation, 7.) sell a foursome, 8.) bring a foursome yourself (and when your done working Play golf), 9.) Work at home (we have gift bags and many other things you can do at home in preperation) 10.) If all else fails and you can't possibly do anything else just send cash!
What does the golf tournament need?  It needs you!
WarChief to Be Chosen
Wednesday May 24, 2006 6:30pm
American Legion Post 311
Fall River Ave Seekonk, Ma.
"All Citizens of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe are here by summonsed by Chief George "Silverwolf" Jennings to appear at the tribal circle to pick a new Warchief. "
"Pass the word - this is official tribal notification that all Citizens young and old are to gather at the circle on Wednesday May 24, 2006."
Written tribal notification will be sent out to all active citizens on Friday May 12, 2006. 
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe - In the News
February 05 - Newsweek Magazine
  • Cover Story

February 16 - National Geographic

  • Cover Story

February 27 - Sun Chronicle

  • Front Page story

March 05 - Sun Chronicle Sunday Edition

  • Front Page Story

March 12 - NBC Newschannel 10

  • 6pm Feature Story
Genetics - In the News
     The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe is in the News!  All this month the national and local media have been discussing the issue of genetics.  While discussing this issue they have been looking at the cutting edge technology being used today in the "Genographic Project".  The Citizens and Members of the Tribe have been living on that edge for almost a year now.  
     Sunday March 12, 2006 members of the Tribal participated in an interview on NBC Newschannel 10.  Margie O'Brien news anchor for Newschannel 10 discussed the Genographic Project and our participation in it.  Segments of the interview will show on the 6pm news.  
     For the first time in 10 years the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe began conducting Genealogy classes.  Classes began Wednesday February 22, 2006 6:30pm.  All tribal citizens and members are welcome.  Classes will continue to be held on the 4th Wednesday evening of the Month through May.
     We will discuss the "Genographic Project" and the results submitted to the tribe so far. We will look at the future and what to expect from our participation.   As well as discuss the recent articles in the national media about genetics and the tribe. 
     More information on these articles can be found by going to and .
May Monthly Meeting
Subject:Selection of new War Chief
Date:Wednesday May 24, 2006
Place:American Legion Post 311
          Fall River Avenue
          Seekonk, Ma.
"All citizens are to gather at the tribal circle to choose a new War Chief.  This is a meeting of obligation."  Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings
"This May Monthly Meeting, Monthly Meeting #116 is a Special meeting of obligation.  All citizens are being gathered to the tribal circle to choose a new tribal War Chief.  It is required of each citizen to attend and participate in the selection of thier new War Chief". Tribal Council
Sub-Committee to Report
Prime Directive #1:
The sub-committee on Prime Directive #1 reported at the March Monthly Meeting.  The Sub-committee presented an Action Plan to involve all able body citizens.  "A move to total action and total committment by each and every citizen is what will be nessecary to pick up and move This Generation of the Seaconke Wampanoag tribe into the 21st century" stated Chairperson Markley in the February Monthly Meeting. 
"We still have one foot stuck in the 20th century and it is not just holding us back, but it is pulling us backwards" Chairperson Markley went on to state.  "We must develop cash flow in order to gain economic freedom.  Without continuous, secure cash flow all aspects of future development are doomed.  The further development of our needs, wants, and goals are in Peril."
Sub-committee Chairperson James Rawlings and his team presented an indepth action plan designed to develop cash flow and thus secure the completion of the Goals of 1996.  The sub-committee has been working on solving this problem for the past year.
They have developed a plan that is inclusive of many of the desired aspects expressed by many citizens/members of the tribe over the past 10 years.  The plan uses a many varied attack designed to develop a plan that is flexible and redundand.  We will use as many outside resources as possible to succeed.  But, ultimately success and failure will be dependant on the conciderable efforts of each and every citizen/member. 
"In coming months we will assign teams to fulfill the specific aspects of developing this new paradigm. In support of the work of the sub-committee" stated Chairperson Markley.
Genealogy Class
George Elias: Genetics Presentation
This Wednesday evening, March 22, 2006 6:30pm, member George Elias science advisor to the Tribal Council gave a special presentation on genetics to the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.  His presentation gave background and understanding to the basics of the "Genographic Project".
The information George provided was vital in educating every citizen/ member about genetics.  "You will be hearing a lot about genetics over the years to come, and this presentation has been a tool that we can use to help us better understand" stated chairperson Markley.  The Tribal Council asked George to make this presentation so as to better facilitate the education of each citizen/ member, as to gaining a better understanding of genetics in our lives and our tribe.
"The info that george presented, though not specific to any individual, gave every citizen or member a better understanding about their genetic profile and the overall genetics of our tribal ancestors" stated chairperson Markley.  "George has a way of making the complicated clear and understandable.  I think everyone whether you were tested or not found this presentation of value, important, and fun!"
The Tribal Council would like to thank member George Elias for his help with the Genographic Project and for making taking the time to make this educational presentation to the people of our tribe.
The Council Oak Needs Your Help!!!
Dighton Council:Takes the lead in saving Council Oak
The Council Oak has died but its history and place should be long remembered, respected and honored. 
The Council Oak is centrally located in Wampanoag country.  It derived its name from its primary usuage.  Massasoit would gather and council with intratribal leaders under the safety, shade, and cover of this mighty Oak.
During the years of peace between the colonists and the Wampanoag this open plain and the bounty of crop that its rich soil provided fed many a nativePowwow and colonial feast.  Metacomet during the great war of 1675-76 used the Council Oak as a meeting place to council his warriors.  The Wampanoag Population has occupied this land from time indefinite.
The Council Oak has played a role in the history and heritage of the present community of Dighton.  The first town charter was signed under this tree and on this site.  Depicted in the town seal the Council Oak and its native heritage are boldly profiled.  The land of this fertal plain has served the Dighton community well providing food, sustanance, and a place to call home.
Lets not give away and waste this gift the creator has given the community of Dighton.  Native and colonial decedent alike, we all have but one land to live on let us all live together in harmony with nature.  Let us all continue to reap the blessings of the creators gift to all the people of Dighton.  Lets not loose this blessing, let us be good stewards to the creators gifts. 
The property surrounding the Council Oak is a plaine of one square mile, aproximately the size of Central Falls, R.I. The land has been farmed all through human history and is still farmed today.  The Dighton Plaine has provided the sustanance of life for eons of time to Wampanoag, colonist, and American alike.
The land under the Council Oak has been owned by the town of Dighton since 1958.  The Dighton Council has represented Native interest in the Oak and surrounding property since 1986.  Today the Dighton Council is calling on you for help.  For more information please go to the following link Council Oak on the navigation bar of this page.
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...
Special Guest Speaker: Chris Ortiz
The March Monthly Meeting, Wednesday March 08, 2006 6:30pm, featured a special guest speaker, Chris Ortiz from the Conneticut Indian Council.  Chris brought a thoughtful message about Jobs for the native community. 
Chris has a program working with the lumber industry where many opurtunities exist locally and on the road.  These jobs provide a high hourly rate, and benefits. For those who may be interested feel free to call Chris at 1 (860) 885-1277.
War Chief Debate Begins
Three citizens nominated
     It was announced at the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe Annual Meeting, on October 05, 2006 that War Chief David "Lone Wolf" Viera intends to step down due to a worsening medical condition.  He informed the chief of his decision after council with his family.  at the January Monthly Meeting  three citizens were nominated to be discussed and debated for the soon to be open position.
     Don Washington: Chief Financial Officer of Seaconke Wampanoag, Inc. A former Tribal Chairperson and a Tribal Council Member from 1999 - 2006.  Don has served the tribe in many capacities one of which has been as an ambassador at large without portfolio for many years. 
     Edward Lincoln: Organizational department leader for many years, Powwow coordinator since 2000.  Ed has served on the Tribal Council since 1999.  He is well known through out the native community and is idenified as a man of strength and purpose by those whom he leads in doing the work of the tribe.
      Donald Fisher: 3 Bears has been an elder stateman of our tribe since before "This Generation" of leadership took over in 1996.  3 Bears helped create and build many of the organizations we deal with on a daily basis.  He is a strong and powerfull leader in the Native community.
      Chief George "Silverwolf" Jennings counciled each nominee to understand that they are "all leaders" and not to be upset, or heart broken, because only one can be chosen.  "It is not a negitive thing for those who are not chosen, but a bond of trust to know how well respected each is in our community." stated Chairperson Markley
The discussion will continue during the February Monthly Meeting. 
Up Coming Meetings!
February 22, 2006  Genealogy Class
March 08, 2006      Monthly Meeting
March 22, 2006      History Class 
February Monthly Meeting
Annual Budget Presentation:
     The Annual Budget presentation for 2006 will take place.  the Tribal Council will ask the tribal citizens to accept thier proposals and recomendations.  A vote of approval for the schedule of events will be presented as well.
     The fiscal year 2006 begins on April 1, 2006.  Fiscal year 2005 will close on March 31.  Based on CFO Don Washingtons January Monthly report the tribe is in good financial shape. 
Genealogy Class
Start Your personal Genealogy
     In fulfilment of our tribal goals this February 22, 2006 6:30pm the Seaconke Wamapanoag Tribe will bring back Genealogy class.  For those who want to continue or even begin research into thier personal genealogy this is the class for you.  Over the course of this year we will over this class for the purpose of each individual who has an interest to learn more about thier personal journey and the people who made them.
    A special presentation on genetics will be made by tribal member George Elias, during the March 22, 2006 class.  This is a must see presentation for those of the tribe who were tested last summer as part of the Genographic Project.  Although George will not be able to answer any of your personal questions he will be able to help you begin to understand your own personal results.  Being that the Genographic Project is a 5-10 year project it is very important for YOU to be there.  Don't fall behind and loose out on the important message that is contained in your own DNA.
     It has been 10 years since the tribe has offered a genealogy class and remember what happened last time?  It was the genealogy class that started us along the path that lead to the "Follow Your Heart" meetings and then eventually to 1 October, 1996 and "This Generation of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe".
It Pays to Play!
     It pays to play in the "Praying Eagle Golf Tournament" held annually to support the historical, cultural, and humanitarian needs of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.  The first Friday of every August is set aside at the Sun Valley golf course in Rehoboth Ma. for one of the largest non-profit golf tournaments held in southern New England. 
     Last year on the first hole of play Michael H. Brady of Seekonk recorded the first hole in one in tournament history.  "I hit a 7-iron from 170 yard.  The ball landed on the green and spun back into the hole" Michael later recalled.  Michael is an 11 handicap and was playing the 16th hole at Sun Valley.
     Edward Veader owner of Bristol Toyota has been a major sponsor to the tournament every year.  Bristol Toyota sponsors prizes of not less than $250.00 on 3 of the 4, par 3 holes, and they annually sponsor a car on the Par 3, 4th hole as wellMr. Bradys partners this past year were Bruce Dube, Norman Miranda Jr., and Charles Waldron.
     The tournament has a large selection of other prizes as well.  Tournament Directors Daniel Elderkin and Cheif George "Silver Wolf" Jennings makes sure the tournament has something to offer everyone.  Even a fine selection of Princess House Crystal to take home to the wife.  If she doesn't play in the tournament herself. 
     Woman are encouraged to play and the tournament even has regular awards set aside for excellence in female play.  "Its not to early to get your foursome registered", says Cheif Jennings, "Just call the tribal office and we will send you out a registration form".  This year the "Praying Eagle Golf Taurnament" will be back  this August at Sun Valley celebrating its 9th year.
Genographic Project
First reports
     Dr. Theodore Schurr leader of the North American sector of the Genographic project has sent  the first reports on those people tested in August.  The reports were past out at the December Monthly Meeting.  The reports for those who could not make the meeting are at the tribal office for convient pick up.  No report can be past out without the presentation of the secret password that was passed out to each individual when they were interviewed and again given out at the September Monthly Meeting.  Once the report has been recieved each person can access follow up info through logging on to your personal screen on the Genenographic Project website.  You may get to the website by going to .
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe
Annual Meeting
      On October 04, 2005 "This Generation" of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe will gathered for its 10th Annual Meeting.  This years guest speaker was citizen Darrell Waldron executive director of the Rhode Island Indian Council. 
     Tribal elections to the Executive Board will started at 5pm and polls will be closed at 8pm.  Ballots were counted that evening and results were announced.  There were also elections and appointments to Seaconke Wampanoag, Inc.
     Those asked  to serve on the Executive Board were James Rawlings, Debra Moorehead, Donald "3 Bears" Fisher, Pat Reis, Edward Lincoln, and Michael Markley.  Cathy Pina and Don Washington declined to serve at this time.
     The recomendation of new citizens and members were read into the record by the Elders forperson Edith Baptista.  New citizens, Karen Smith, Charles B. Smith, Damian Harris.  New members, Debbie Markley, Eric Briggs, and the Isom Family.  The Lincoln Family vote was table to a later date. 
      A state of the Tribe Address will be made by Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings to close the Meeting.  The chief thanked everyone for their work this year.  The dilligence of the sub-committee on "Cranberry Hill Farms" was highlighted.  The chief pointed out two objectives for next year the further development of cash flow, and the development cultural interaction among the children of the tribe.  The chief also thanked the large crowd that assembled for this years Annual Meeting.  
War Chief to Step Down
Resigns Pending replacement:
     It was announced at the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe Annual Meeting that War Chief David "Lone Wolf" Viera intends to step down due to a worsening medical condition.  He informed the chief of his decision after council with his family.  The chief sadly accepted his resignation pending the choosing of a new War Chief.  The elders have taken it under there council and will announce when they feel it is the right time to open up debate on the choosing of a new War Chief.
     War Chief David "Lone Wolf" Viera has served in this capacity since October, 1998.  David is a founding citizen and has served his tribe in many capacities.  He was the first tribal Powwow coordinator for the '97 & '98, he served two years as organizational leader, and has been on the tribal council condinously since 1997.
     As one of the orignal 19 founders of this generation of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe "Lone Wolf" has been a strong leader in the development and building of a solid foundation to support the future of this tribe.  In August of 1996 "Lone Wolf" and his wife Pauline sponsored and put on the first tribal picnic which raised the first outside dollars and cents that kept the bergoning tribe afloat. 
"Without his leadership some of what is may never have been, and the things that have been would certianly not been as colorful.  David has always added life and excitement to everything he has done." stated Chairperson Markley
     Chief "Silver Wolf" Jennings thanked David for his service to the tribe, he remembered some of those moments in the past when "Lone Wolfs" voice commanded the attention of a room and his thoughts swayed the issues of the day.  He thanked him for his support in filling in for him when called upon.
Up Coming Meetings!
January 16, 2006    Tribal Council Meeting
January 25, 2006    Monthly Meeting
February 08, 2006  Monthly Meeting
February 22, 2006  Genealogy Class
March 08, 2006      Monthly Meeting
March 22, 2006      History Class 
Aho, aquinee to all that read this page.
(These are the thoughts and feelings of Michael Markley and should not be construde as the opinion or authoritive position of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.)
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe
Annual Meeting
      On October 04, 2005 "This Generation" of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe will gathered for its 10th Annual Meeting.  This years guest speaker was citizen Darrell Waldron executive director of the Rhode Island Indian Council. 
     Tribal elections to the Executive Board will started at 5pm and polls will be closed at 8pm.  Ballots were counted that evening and results were announced.  There were also elections and appointments to Seaconke Wampanoag, Inc.
     Those asked  to serve on the Executive Board were James Rawlings, Debra Moorehead, Donald "3 Bears" Fisher, Pat Reis, Edward Lincoln, and Michael Markley.  Cathy Pina and Don Washington declined to serve at this time.
     The recomendation of new citizens and members were read into the record by the Elders forperson Edith Baptista.  New citizens, Karen Smith, Charles B. Smith, Damian Harris.  New members, Debbie Markley, Eric Briggs, and the Isom Family.  The Lincoln Family vote was table to a later date. 
      A state of the Tribe Address will be made by Chief George "Silver Wolf" Jennings to close the Meeting.  The chief thanked everyone for their work this year.  The dilligence of the sub-committee on "Cranberry Hill Farms" was highlighted.  The chief pointed out two objectives for next year the further development of cash flow, and the development cultural interaction among the children of the tribe.  The chief also thanked the large crowd that assembled for this years Annual Meeting. 
Genographic Project
First reports
     Dr. Theodore Schurr leader of the North American sector of the Genographic project has sent  the first reports on those people tested in August.  The reports were past out at the December Monthly Meeting.  The reports for those who could not make the meeting are at the tribal office for convient pick up.  No report can be past out without the presentation of the secret password that was passed out to each individual when they were interviewed and again given out at the September Monthly Meeting.  Once the report has been recieved each person can access follow up info through logging on to your personal screen on the Genenographic Project website.  You may get to the website by going to .
Day#13  Saturday April 09, 2005
     Well thats a wrap everyone, Deb and I pulled out at 9:30am.  I will miss UMass Amherst, and the "Pioneer Valley".  When I got here 2 weeks ago there was still snow in some places and now spring has blossomed so beautifly. 
     I think things went well and we will benefit very positively in the future from the research and the new friends we have made.  Deb and I took the long way home driving the back roads of Connecticutt.  We stopped at every Crackerbarrel we could find, yard sales, and of course Foxwoods.  We took a 2hr drive and turned it into a 9hr. excursion. 
     It is back to work monday, and yardwork tommorrow.  I will see you all Wednesday.
Until Next Time,
Goodbye Friends
DAY#12  Friday April 08, 2005
     I met with a lot of leaders today in the academic community.  I spoke well of you and the CPNAIS program (Certific Program in Native American and Indian Studies).  I thing positive things will come out of today and my visit over all.
     Lunch went well, I think.  I got better reviews today than yesterday.  Tonight Deb and I went to dinner with Ron Welburn and his wife.  Deb and I will be leaving tommorrow.
Until Next Time,
Goodbye Friends
Day#11 Thursday April 07, 2005
Good Evening Friends,
     What a day.  Deb and I had lunch with a group of professors at the University Club at noon.  My talk went well I think.  At least that is what everyone told me.  I spoke on Tribes of Re-emergence: Problems Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe. From 2-5pm
     This evening we went to an Irish Pub with some new friends from the University.  Big day tommorrow, I am meeting with the leadership of U-mass and then II am going to speak at the lunch of the 5 colleges leaders.
Until Next Time,
Goodbye Friends
Day#10  Wednesday April 06, 2005
Good Evening Friends,
     I completed final edits to my talks on Thursday and Friday in the morning.  In the Afternoon Deb and I spent working in the library.  I participated in a class from 3-6pm on Native imagery in society.
Deb and I then had a nice dinner at the University Club.  All is well.
Until Next Time,
Goodbye Friends
Day#9  Tuesday  April 05, 2005
     "A shopping we will go, a shopping we will go ..."
Good Evening Friends
     Today Deb and I burried ourselves in the village of Amherst.  I must have hit a hundred little bookstores.  We had a great lunch at the Amherst Brew HouseIt was a beautiful day for a walk, the sun was shining with temps in the low 60's.
     I spent many an early hour this morning working on my Thursday presentation.  It will be a powerpoint presentation with video included.  I think it should go well. 
     Deb and I stopped into the Library late today.  I found a series of books written in the early 20th century that describes the mental capacity of white, black, and redmen, to not be equal.   I can't even  type the racist retoric speal that came glaring out of this book. I couldn't believe what I was reading.  I can't believe a major college would allow such trash without expressing a disclaimer on the material. 
     This school is in the business of molding our children.  Taking thier minds and forming free thinking adults.  Don't get me wrong I am not saying this person doesn't have the right to write what he truely believes.  At the same time I am saying the publisher also has the right to not publish CRAP!!! 
     I believe also that U-Mass Amherst as well has the right to carry this crap, but in my opinion it should be cataloged under subject: Racist material.  So the wonderfull young sponges that soak up the material displayed and presented at this school have a basic understanding of what they are looking at. This particular book is a series of 56 books that present themselves as an authoritive interpritation on the building of America.  I only read the first 6 pages of book 1 and was ready to puke.
     I will be thinking long and hard about what I as an individual can do.  Maybe I will talk more about this on another day.  Right now I will not even mention this crap by title I don't want to give this evil idolitry any publicity.
Until next time,
Good Bye Friends
Day#8  Monday  April 04, 2005
     "On the road again I just can't wait to get on the road again..."
Good Evening Friends,
     I back here at Umass-Amherst except this week I'm joined by Deb.  She going to be my private librarian this week!!!
     The ride in this week was much better than last week.  I notice though many of the streams and rivers are over thier banks.  The Connecticut river included.  I noticed it rolled right up to the back stairs of a house.
     Today Deb and went on a field trip with Joyce Vincent.  We went up on the Mohawk Trail to visit a monument.  The Monument was put up by the Improved Redman Society, in 1932.  President Roosevelt came out to the instilation.  Many societies from across the country send plaques from thier organizations to be placed there even to this day. 
     While we were there we made a 3 minute video that will be shown in class on Wednesday, Native American Imagery in contempory culture.  It is Joyces opinion that the society of the Redman is conected to the Masons society. Certianly niether the Masons or Redman are a friend of the Native Community. 
      I believe the flag that Dr. Erhardt donated to us was probably from one of thier local societies.  Having visited this monument I was able to discover a few locals in our area.  I will check them out when I can.  This monument also is a tourist event on those bus trips through Mohawk country in the fall.  I'm sur that most people think that this monument is native sponsored, but it really isn't.   
     Deb and I also took a walking tour of the college.  They have a terrific green house and garden.  Well thats all from here so...
Until next time,
Good bye Friends
Day#6 and #7  Saturday and Sunday April 2-3, 2005
Good Evening Friends,
      Howdy I'm home for the weekend but I am continueing to work on material for my talks this coming week.  Wednesday Native imagery in contempory culture, Thursday Re-emerging Tribes: Problems, Seaconke WampanoagTribe, Friday Who are the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe, general discussion with the native American programs of the five colleges. (Amherst, Smith, Hampshiere, Mt. Holyoke, and Umass.)
     It is good to be home.  I want to thank Sharon Perry for her help and support she is allowing me to use her video she made on the first years of the This Generation of the Tribe.  Also want to thank LuLu for getting me my messages last week.
Until next time,
Good Bye Friends
Day#5  Friday April 1, 2005
     "Happy April fools day!"
Good Evening Friends,
     I am back home for the weekend.  I here the Pope is not doing well.  Let us all remember him in our prayers.  This particular Pope has been a remarkable figure in the world.  Whose tireless work has effected everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike.
     I put in 6hrs of research time today.  All is going well.  It was a beautiful day here on campus once again.  My results of study from this trip I plan on revealing in May.  In May we begin History classes.  I can't wait to talk to you about some of our new findings.
Until next time,
Good Bye Friends 
Day#4  Thursday March 31, 2005
     "It was a beautiful spring day, such days uplift the spirit."
Good Evening Friend,
     I got a lot of great work done this morning.  Went to lunch with Ron Welburn, my sponsor here at UMass.  As well as Chris Church, Joyce Vincent, and Adema Agard.  Nadema is a Powhatton/Lakota woman who made a presentation this evening on Feminine spiritualism, depicting the native woman in art. 
     I spoke today with Dr. Waters he is doing well and looks forward to coming to our meeting next month.  I spoke to a few others today dealing with native issues outside of our tribe.  It is interesting to here how other people view our tribe.  Often times we get so involved in our problems we don't think of how others may percieve us.
     I have found this week that there is a lot of positive thought in the native community about us.  That is really tribute to you the citizens/members of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.
     It is around 10pm I have just come back from Nadema's talk.  I took a refreshing long walk across the campus and around the pond.  It is a wonderful spring night, the kind of night that brings anew hope and faith.
Until next time,
Good Bye Friends
Day#3  Wednesday March 30, 2005
     "Tommorrow has come and so has the sun!"
Good Evening Friends,
     I spent the day working on research in the library.  They say it is the tallest library in the world, 26 floors.  9 hrs. of work and I barely scratched the surface.  I'm tired and it is time to go to bed.
Until next time,
Good Bye Friends
Day#2  Tuesday March 29, 2005
     "The sun will come out tommorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tommorrow ..."  Remind me to never sing online again. 
Good Evening Friends,
     Yes it is still raining!  But I suppose you know that.  I left Amherst at 8am and arrived at the meeting in downtown at 10:45am.  It was a long hard drive.  
     I went directly to the 4th floor conference room c, I was the first 1 there.  Jim had everyone meet at his office first before going up to the conference room.  I got to meet Burne, Jim, and Dr. Waters before the meeting.  There was an overflow crowd which was good to see.
     The meeting ran something like this:
Opening Prayer
Commissioner introductions
     .Beverly Wright - Aquinnah, has completed her term and may not seek another.  Aquinnah has requested that they be given time to propose a new person.
Native American Institute
     .Commission will likely be given an extention of 18 months on the $100,000.00 grant.
    .Jim proposes that the moneys would be best spent to develop the ability and technology to bring the institute directly into homes. 
    .The institute will discuss native issues utilizing speakers from accross the country. 
     .Commission needs the support of the tribes and native community to express their support of the issue.  Letters would be a great help.
Aboriginal Hunting and Fishing Rights
     .Commission has ameeting with the DEM on April 6.
     .Should the discussion from meeting last be reopened?  Dr. Watersletter to the commission that restates his position from last meeting that the commission should be fighting for all tribes and native peoples in the Commonwealth.  Com. Fox explains that the proposal before the legislature goes back to 1976 and was written to include only the Tribes present at the time. 
     .Dr. Waters read the minutes of the meeting last pertaining to the issue.
"If you are not speaking on behalf of all of us than you are not speaking on behalf of any of us" Edward Page.  Mr. Page put forth the idea that the commissions mission is to support all of the native peoples.
     .It was explained that the legislature would be designed with the proper mechanism to allow for the inclussion of everyone.  The position of the majority of the Commissioner was that it would be a first step to move forward with the legislation as written.  That this legislation would eventually be as flexible as education vouchers, if we take this first step.
Mascots and Logo's
     .Ed Grogen from the Quincy Human Rights Commission spoke about the use of Native images being used in schools in at least 39 communities throughout Ma.  
     .Ma. Department of Education does not support this and they have specific rules that are not being followed.
     .Chairman Fox discusses that he has spoken to schools about subliminal messages being sent out.
    .Jim would attend meeting with Mr. Grogan, of Ma. dept. of Education.
     .Commission and parties involved in dispute over access to land will meet on Friday at 9am.
     .Dr. Waters reported on investigation into who owned property that has homes on it.  Agreement was made and issue settled
     .Albert Corliss spoke about who knows what?
New Business;
     .Open discussion on many Issues.
     .The issues involving the situation between the Nipmuck Nation were discussed by many parties.
     .Many groups sought recognition from the Commission.  The Commission tried to explain their policy on recognition.  How that issue belongs to the tribal nations.
     .Chairman Fox explained that John "Slow Turtle" Peters in his official Wampanoag position as Supreme Medicine Man had the powers to do this, but the Commission does not. 
     .Dr. Waters asked me to discuss the Seaconke Wampanoag experience.
*** I will be speaking out about on this issue in a "special Report" coming to this website soon. ***
The meeting closed when we ran out of time.
     My travel back to the Amherst campus was much shorter do to for some reason less traffic heading out of Boston.
     I spoke to the Keese family about our oppurtunity at Cranberry Hill Farms.  I sent this information to Jim when I got back.
     Actually I didn't have to wait for tommorrow for the Sun.  When I got back to the campus the sun was shining bright , the air was dry and warm.  They said I missed a beautiful day on campus!
     Just my Luck.  Theres always tommorrow.
Until next time,
Good Bye Friends
Day#1  Monday March 28, 2005
       "Everyday is a good day, because it is a day the creator has made." Slow Turtle explained that there was a purpose for everything.  I hope the purpose of this rain is to wash this winter away.  Maybe just maybe then spring will leap upon us???
Good Evening Friends,
Today began actually last night when I recieved a call from my host Ron Welburn telling me that he was ill and wouldn't be able to meet me today as planned.  This worked out for the best, Ron e-mailed me some detailed instructions and I was able to take a self guided walking tour. 
I met some very nice and helpful people who seemed to take an interest in me being here.  They also had very strong positive feelings about the work they were doing here at U-Mass Amherst.
I spoke with Rob Paynter, and Jean Forward from the Anthro. department.  They were putting in a hard days work.  I'm sure I will get to work with them as some point. 
But let me begin at the beginning, not having to meet Ron allowed me to leave a little later.  I waited till sun up hoping it would make my drive a little easier.  Well it didn't!  I made it here on time though.
I had the opurtunity to checkout the great library here.  Incredible I'm sure I will spend a lot of time there. 
Joyce Vincent invited me to spent the evening with some students.  It was great they made me feel at home.  Rod their instructor has done a lot with these young people.  He gets them to discuss who they are and how being part of an indiginous blood line, and in some cases a tribe, has effected their lives.  They allowed me to tell a part of my story, which means I got a chance to speak about you the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.
I will always remember their stories, and will take them to heart as I reflect on my time here at U-Mass.
Until next time,
Good Bye Freinds
We are One Family
World Premiere Video
A Scott Pimental Video: We are One Family
Wednesday October 26, 2005 the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe will Premiere We are One Family a video documenting the beginnings of the tribes participation in the Genographic Project.  A Video record of the first two days of the testing processes, featuring stories by elders Gladys Dora Lewis and Elmer Fisher.  Video of the Labor Day Powwow 2005 Powwow and original music by Nettukkusq 
The 45 minute video will be shown at the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribal History Class 6:30pm Wednesday evening.  There will also be Genographic Project  updates, and popcorn!
Genographic Project
What is the Genographic Project?
     The Genographic Project is "a landmark study of the human journey".  Sponsored by the philanthropic Wyatt family, IBM. and The National Geographic Society. 
   The Genographic Project studys the Journey of man across space and time.  The Genographic Project collects DNA samples from the general public and indiginous secluded populations.  They test for specific markers  on the Y chromosme, found only in males. 
     These markers they believe can be traced to markers found in other individuals in the world and peoples who have lived in the past.  Thus connecting peoples from all over the world thru their ancestors.  The study should also show the migration patterns of man thru time. 
     The Genographic Project has divided the world into 10 sectors and established research groups in each sector.  These research groups collect and test DNA, gather genealogical information, and oral traditions from indigenous groups.  The general public can participate as well by purchacing a test kit and sending it in. 
     More information can be found by logging on to .  Genographic information specific to the Seaconke Wamapanoag Tribe  will be posted on the genealogy page of .  Special news reports will be posted to .
(04 October, 2005)
10th Annual Meeting
5pm   Elections begin
6pm   Opening Prayer
           Prime Directives
             1.)Cranberry Hill Farms
             2.)Education Classes
6:10pm  Secretaries Report
6:15pm  Treasurers Report
6:20pm  Departments and Committees
6:30pm  Guest Speaker
  • Darrell Waldron

7:pm  Chairpersons Annual Report

7:15pm  Elders Report
7:30pm  "New" Citizens/Members/Clan
  • Members
  • Citizens
  • Clans

7:45pm   Fellowship

8:00pm  Elections Close

  • Counting committee appointed

8:10pm  State of the Tribe Adress

  • Chief George "Silver wolf" Jennings

8:20pm   Seaconke Wampanoag Inc.

  •    Appointments

8:30pm  Election returns

  • Tribal Council 2006

8:45pm  Motions from the Floor

  • Announcements

9:00pm  Closing Prayer

Seaconke Wampanaoag Tribe 9th Annual Powwow
     Thank You to Pat Reis Cultural director and Edward Lincoln Organizational director.  You both did a great job once again in organizing and putting on this years Powwow.  Thank you to the Powwow committee for their year long efforts to always bring excellence to our Powwow.
      Thank you to George Thomas for his superlatives in MC capabilities.  Thank you to the Wolf Tail drum and singers you make the Powwow every year, you truelly are great freinds.  Thank you to Catfish for his fluite playing and story telling.  Thank you to the Red Hawk  drum they were an added treat on Sunday.
        Thank you to all the venders that came to trade and show their product to the public.  Thank You to all those people that stayed over and kept the Powwow going when the public left.  Thank you to 3 Bears for  the talking stick ceremony and sunrise service.  Thank you to Chief Jennings who's will and gentle nature binds and holds the people, and brings out the best in all of us.
       Thank you to all the citizens and members that came to work and dance each day.  Thank You to Barrett and family for keeping our fire once again. The parking lot crew were extrodinary in their dillegence.  Thank you to Ron and his crew in the Tribbal concession stand.  To the girls at the gate thank you.  A special thank you needs to go to tribal member Pam Lincoln for without her outstanding efforts and support nothing could be done that has been done.
redway plain.jpg
"A Landmark Study of the Human Journey"
on Tuesday August 23rd, 2005 Dr. Theodore Schurr and Dr. Sergey Zhadnov presented to the citizens and members of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe the Genographic Project.
      The mission of the Genographic Project is to plot human migatory patterns throughout history.  By the study of decendent DNA.  The study of DNA will open the door to the past.  In essence "we are who we were" according to Chairperson Markley. 
     Dr. Schurr put on a powerpoint presentation explaining the many presumed pathways that could have spread the human population from the old world to the new.  He also explained the history of the project.  That the Project is going on in other parts of the world.  That the world is split up into 10 sectors of study.  The North American sector is made up of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 
     The Genographic Project is sponsored by the National Geographic, IBM, and the Waitt Family Foundation.  The Project was announced in the pages of National Geographic in April.  The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe will be the first tribe tested in the North American Sector.
     The story of Turtle Island was shared by Tribal Spiritual leader 3 Bears.  The idea was also profered of the possibility that we were created here and the others came to join us. "If the creator placed man on the other side of the world whose to say that he did not also place man here" stated Dr. Herbert Waters.
     In the spirit of openness all ideas were explored and Dr. Schurr answered all questions asked of him.  Chief "Silverwolf" Jennings offered his hand in partnership for the "greater good of all".  the rest of the evening was spent in fellowship.
     Wednesday testing began, with Gladys Lewis and Elmer Fisher who both were born during the "Dark Age" of the tribe.  Each had wonderful stories to tell of their life during the "Generation Past" and their hope for "This Generation".
  Who got tested was determined by the Genealogy department.  First those with the closest genalogical connection the the root of your respective clan.  Second Tribal Leaders, for posterity and historical record.  Third any other citizen and selected members with interesting native genealogies. 
     In the future the Tribe plans to broaden further testing to include others who may be genealogicly connected but not a citizen/member of the Tribe.  This will be based on the "need and desire" of Tribe and the Genographic Project.
     Chief "Silverwolf" Jennings and Chairperson Markley traveled with the Genographic team all day eventually meeting up with the rest of the Leadership Council for dinner.  Chief "Silverwolf" set the standard that "the people come first ".  The Chief waited to be tested until the last citizen/member was done. 
     "The Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe is honored to be a part of this landmark study." stated chairperson Markley "to have the opurtunity to be the first indigenous tribe tested in the North American sector is awesome."  "It is an honor to lead the way for the indigenous population of North America.  In contributing our DNA to the world for the continuence of this project will both be a benefit to others and our history and genealogy" stated Chief "Silverwolf" Jennings. 
     As testing began at 8am and grew into the night  the  clans of the tribe entertained each other with stories and music.  The musical talents of the people and there good nature was a blessing.  Some people waited hours.  The Chief was finally tested at 11pm.
     Dr. Schurr and Dr. Zhadnov will be present at the Powwow on September 3-4, 2005 for both their personnal pleasure and to meet people from other tribes.  The Genographic Project will be talked about in the tribal circle. 
Comming Soon!!!
News, "Do you have news that we can use"?
If you have news or Information that you feel is important and needs to get out there then please use the contact page on this website, send your news or info to or Fax it to 1 (508) 336-5111.  is updated weekly.
Archived items from the Past:  Things you might not want to forget!
"Praying Eagle Golf Tournament"
8th Annual
"Little deeds done are better than big deeds dreamt." Victor "Praying Eagle" Elderkin
Thank You!!!
For your support of the annual "Praying Eagle" golf tournament.  Which supports the historical, cultural, and humanitarian needs of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.
A good time was had by all at the 8th annual "Praying Eagle" golf tournament.  The hard work and year long efforts of citizen Daniel Elderkin and Chief "Silverwolf " profered great rewards.  The sunshine brought out a large turn out of golfers and friends in support of the needs and programs of the Tribe.
The annual "Praying Eagle" golf tournament has  become the largest annual fund raiser for the tribe.  The tournament has raised over $25,000.00 in the past 8 years.  The citizens and members would like to Thank  citizen Daniel Elderkin, Chief George "Silverwolf" Jennings, Clan Mother Lois "Short Oak" Chafee and all the workers who make that  day annually so very special.
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe
412 Taunton Ave. Seekonk, Ma. 02771
Be it so resolved, that on this day June 08, 2005 the people of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe have in unanimous declaration voted to accept the invitation of the Genographic Project.
Being that the mission and goals of the Genographic Project are consistent with the mission, goals, and aspiration of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe, we the people offer our support, our efforts, and ourselves to this worthwhile cause.
The Leadership Council is so directed to move with great speed in collaboration with the Genographic Project.  They are so directed to give this opportunity the highest priority and to move this tribe to successful completion of this project for the greater good of all.
The names here to for undersigned committ the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe to this worthy cause.
George "Silverwolf" Jennings        Michael "Tender Heart" Markley                          Chief                                         Chairperson
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe      Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe
News you can use!!!
Genographic Project:
     Times and dates for the visit of the Genographic Project have been set.  So be the first to know!  Special meeting dates and times will be announced at the next Monthly meeting.  Next Monthly Meeting Wednesday July 13, 2005 6:30pm, Alperts Community Room.  For more information turn to genealogy page.
"Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament:
     How many tickets have you sold?  If you can't play, if you can't be there to work, If you cannot find tee sponsors, then you can at least buy/sell tickets to help support the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.  All revenues from the tournament go to help fund the historical, cultural, and humanitarian needs of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.  Citizen/member, Friend or foe, we want you
     Stop by the the Seacoanke Wampanoag Tribal Office mon-fri 8-5pm, call 1 (508) 336-8426, Fax 1 (508) 336-5111, e-mail , come to the July Monthly Meeting, or just shout "I WANT TO HELP" to any Seaconke Wampanoag and you will be given your chance to be a part of a day that makes dreams come true.
8th Annual "Praying Eagle" Golf Tournament Friday August 02, 2005
7am.  Sun Valley Golf Course Rehoboth, Ma.
Check out new "Links" page!
Prime Directive: Goals
Cranberry Hill Farms;
     Cranberry Hills Farm sub-committee makes first report.  Asks for approval of three step plan.
     Sub-committee chair Jim Rawlings spoke on behalf of the sub-committee giving a review of thier work and requesting a vote of a three step plan to aquire Creanberry Hill Farms.  A motion to accept the proposed plan was passed and the sub-committee was given the power to act upon thier plan.  It was also reported that Tribal Secretary Cathy Pina and Cultural Director have been appointed to the sub-committee.
Culture Classes:
     Culture classes have concluded.  They will be offered again in the fall.
History Classes:
     It is not to late to jump in and join the Seaconke Wampanoag History class.  Just stop into the Alperts Community Room on the 3rd Wednesday of the month 6:30pm.
     The June class has been moved to June 22, 2005.  Due to unforseen circumstances.
     June class agenda: 
  •  "Journey of Man" video provided by the Genographic project will be viewed.  W/ popcorn
  • A special presentation, and discussion about DNA research will follow.
Language Classes:
     Coming this fall: - Language classes!!!
Now Online
"Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe Photo Album
       Just "click" on Dr. Herbert Waters and up will pop the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe Photo Album.  You can add your picures too.  E-mail for details.
Seaconke Wampanoag "Guest Speaker Series" Wraps Up
    Executive Director on Indian Affairs John Peters, Jr. wrapped up the Seaconke Wampanoag "Guest Speaker Series" with a thoughtfull discussion on current affairs in Indian Country. 
     "Jim" described his job and what the Commission does, how it functions, and who it helps.  Current issues from Wattuppa, repatriation, to the Native Institute were discussed.
     Jim answered the many questions, and gave a thoughtful message to all that the future was ours to grasp.  The 21st century is here and so thrives the native community in the "Commonwealth".
     The Leadership Council of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe would like to THANK the speakers in this 3 part series, tribal friend Phillip Travis, tribal friend Herbert Waters, Executive Director on Indian Affiars John "Jim" Peters, Jr.  Each and every speaker brought a special message that was thoughtfully shared. 
     The Guest Speaker Series will be back.  Due to the growing size of the listening audience, the Leadership Council will announce a new line up coming soon!!!
Leadership Council Expands
     The Leadership Council is proud to announce that it has asked Citizen James Rawlings to help serve the tribe in the roll of Leader.
Jim enthusiasticly said "yes". 
        Chairperson Markley immediately appointed Jim as Team Leader of the newly appointed Cranberry Hill Farms sub-committee.  Due to Jims strong leadership skills and business background Chairperson Markley believes in the strong likelyhood of a successfull aquisition. 
     The successful aquisition of Cranberry Hill Farms would deliver upon the stated direction set by the tribal body in the agenda for 2005 to aquire a tribal land base.  The Leadership Council would like to reiterate that the Prime Directives for 2005 are top priority.  Having Jim as a Leader soley concentrating on this one project puts us in a Positive position.
Dr. Herbert Waters Commissioner on Indian Affiars for Bristol and Norfolk counties in Massachusetts, delivered a stirring message about "Vision".
       The Seaconke Wampanoag Guest Speaker Series continued Wednesday April 13, 2005 with guest speaker Dr. Herbert Waters.  Dr Waters gave a stirring message about having "vision" and a "can do" additude. Tribal leaders have the responsibility to build a future that is bright and positive.  It is not just enough to just be a native its all about what you do about it.  Dr. waters gave examples of native peoples who have grasped the future and built a better world for themselves and their chidren.
     Dr. Waters refrenced his reading of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe Constitution, and Mission and Values Statement in 1996 and what a positive "vision" we made about our future plans.  These statements may be read on this website by pressing the "OUR PURPOSE" button.  Commissioner Waters embraced the plans of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe to get involved in the cranberry business, as a plan that would foster a better world for our people, our future, and our community.
     Commissioner Waters specificly cited the work of chief Martin of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw.  Who for 22 years has preached tribal self reliance, and the creation of "an atmosphere of hope and prosperity".  The Band has grounded itself in self governance, fostering a "can do" additude. 
The Mississippi Band of Choctaw have dramaticly reduced its dependence on the federal government.  By developing over the past 22 years a portfolio of business contracts worth hundreds of millions.  They have done this by being good business partners and using the bests practices of business to get the most out of the capitalistic society in which we live.  They are an example of a people of "vision".
     "NATIVE TIMES" a new button on this website contains some of the  references commissioner Waters brought to the table on Wednesday.  You may also check the "LINKS" page to connect to specific websites.
     The Seaconke Wampanoag Guest Speaker Series will continue Wednesday May 11, 2005 at a special time 6:30pm.  The Guest Speaker will be Executive Director on Indian Affairs John "Jim" Peters Jr.  Jim will speak and answer questions.  The doors will open to the public at 6:15pm.
Philip Leads the Tribe Once Again!
     Ma. Represenative Philip Travis is a man who has not just said good words about the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe but has done good works in support of Native causes all over southern New England.  On 1 February, 1997 Phil presented a resolution from the House of Represenatives in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the tribe congratulating us on our great day of honor.  Phil and Susan, his wife, have consistently stood up for Native rights and done good works on thier behalf. 
     Phil recently ran for reelection in Ma. district #3 and won by an over whelming Margin.  His support came from both native and non-native alike. Phil took the time to thank all of those from the tribe who came out to work for him on election day.  
     A powerful heartfelt message was given this month by our "Friend" Philip Travis.  Phil expressed his great knowledge of Wampanoag history.  He spoke of his personal long sought quest to retain for the local native population the Wampanoag Tribal history belts.  He descibed in detail his desire to return them right here to southern New England. 
     Phil and Susan have searched more than one continent for the Wampum Belts, that Metacomet felt were so important he was willing to die for.  In his last hour of life Metacomet and his warriors were cut off from escape, surrounded.  Metacomet devised a plan.  In the last minutes he gave over his soveriegn powers to "old Anawan" great war chief of the Wampanoag. 
     Anawan who had served side by side with Ousamequin in their youth, was chief councilor to Massasoit,Wamsutta, and Metacomet.  He was married to Ousamequin's sister, and was the chief sachem to the Seaconke people.  He excepted the royal regalia and waited to make his escape.  Metacomet instructed Anawan to take these belts and royal regalia back to the people so that they could maintain thier identity as Wampanoags.  The history that was contained in these belts told the story of the Wampanoag and was of vital importance to maintaining the herritage, culture, and history.
     Metacomet reasoned that If he went loudly in one direction that Capt. Benjamin Church and his men would follow, giving time for Anawan to make his escape in another direction.  Together they raced from the cave in which they hid Metacomet went right and Anawan left.  Anawan gave the final order of battle that day, he spoke the word that has transcended time.  His order in one word told his men to hold the line, it reassured them that a plan was had, he called for them to stand firm.  "Iootash!!!"
     As time would tell the story Anawan would escape the battle with the shots that took down Metacomet ringing in his ears he would take over the vestiges of power.  He escaped back to his home on the Seaconke Plain to the Squannahonk Swamp.  A few weeks later he would be captured by Church and his men.  In a long night of talk Anawan would turn over to Church his spoils of war.  The Wampum belts and other vestiges of royal Wampanoag power would be lost in history. 
     Until, ... 300 years later a benevolent man, of heart, and soul would take up the torch and begin his personal quest for the Wampum belts of tale and lore. 
It has been said "that Charles took the belts from Philip and only Charles will return the belts to Philip."
"Commission On Indian Affairs" Meeting Takes Place
     The Commissioners on Indian Affairs met Tuesday March 29, 2005.  The scheduled 2 hour meeting ran on for 4 hours only ending when the conference room had to be given up to another public agency that was scheduled for that time.  The commissioners executed their agenda and listened carefully to the many issues brought before it by the many native and non-native citizens of the Commonwealth in attendance.
     Subjects as wide ranging as The Wattuppa, the Native American Institute, to Ma. schools sporting Mascots depicting Native Likeness.  Minutes to the meeting will be soon posted on the Commission on Indian Affairs website which can belinked to by hitting the LINKS page on this websites navigation bar.  You may also get info by hitting on MIKES JOURNAL on this page.  Chairperson Markley was in attendance. 
     As has been posted throughout this website and mentioned at meetings all year, Commissioner Waters will be with us to speak on April 13 and in May Executive Director Jim Peters will be here to answer all your questions.  Taking the time to read the minutes of Tuesdays meeting will help you in understanding the issue before the Commission and the issues being discussed throughout the Native community.  
Enter content here
Goals 2005 (1996?)
     The Leadership meeting met on Wednesday January 12, 2005 and conducted the January Monthly Meeting.  Tops on the agenda was the selection of a new set of goals.  The results of this debate was the overwhelming and unanimous decision to complete the 1 October, 1996 list of goals set by the "Founders" of this generation of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.
1 October Goals
1.  Culure - to bring alive the culture that was once cut off from us.
  •   To be able to actively express our heritage within the Native community. 
  •   Ability to understand and function in the circle.
  •   Understand religious faith and cultural principles.
  • Develop a drum, regalure, and other culuturally specific things. 
          *Begun 10/1997 - "Fall Harvest Festival", this goal is ongoing.
2.  Wampanoag Acceptence - to be accepted into the Wampanoag community. 
          *Accomplished: 1 February, 1997

3. Create a Non-Profit and a For-Profit corporation - so that the tribe will have the wearwithall to stand financially alone and indepedent.

  • Seaconke Wampanoag Inc. - non-profit 501c3 corporation.  Accomplished: 1 January, 1997
  • Black Goose Corporation - established 1 July, 1997 (currently non operating)

4.  "Homestead" develop a home place for all citizens and members of the tribe that would include:

  •  Meeting House
  • Cultural and education center
  • Fair grounds to conduct outdoor assemblies

       *Must be accomplished this year!

      With the addition that we must own this property.

5.  Literate - to become literate in the language of the Wampanoag.

        *Must be completed this year!

        With the Additions:

  • Culture - a curriculum must be established, and implemented
  • History - a curriculum must be established, and implemented
  • Language - established language bases will be reviewed and selected to be taught

     The citizens and members unanimously voted that these goals Must be completed first before the Tribe can move forward in other directions.  The Leadership council will put these issues first in their work and the forward progression of this work will be the first things discussed in each Monthly Meeting.